Top 10 Football Idioms Used In English


Soccer Or Football?

Football or soccer? Soccer or football? Before we start with our list of football idioms, let’s throw some light on this. The quick answer is, if you are in North America, South Africa or Australia, then it’s soccer. Otherwise, it’s football. But why is it that they keep calling it “soccer”? According to a paper by University of Michigan professor Stefan Szymanski, surprisingly enough, the Brits might be the ones to blame. Continue reading “Top 10 Football Idioms Used In English”

How To Boost Your Spoken Business English With 5 Powerful Tips


‘I have learnt English for many years. I can do grammar activities well, I can read and write correctly, but now I need to present my company and negotiate with customers, and speaking is too difficult. Why are my speaking skills so bad? How can I understand foreign people better? How can I improve my Business English?’  

– Comment from English student on Quora

Have You Ever Found Yourself In Any Of These Situations?

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