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100 Business Abbreviations That Will Make You Look Like An Expert

Ever noticed that your Slack messages and emails are getting shorter and -sometimes- more difficult to decipher? It seems that the language at work is full of abbreviations, also known as business acronyms.

Even if you’re an expert at acronyms, there is always a new one that you don’t quite know. And if the idea of admitting that you don’t understand something sounds cringeworthy, you’ll want to download the cheatsheet below.

Which abbreviations are appropriate in business and which aren't? ASK YOUR TEACHER

As I was saying, BTW, sometimes your HRM tells you it’s NBD and TYT but TBH they just want that file ASAP by EOB and, you know, ATEOTD, they’re the manager. Does this look to you as if I just bashed my head on the keyboard a few times? You’re not alone.

Slang to understand your younger colleagues

These used to be used for texting among friends, but nowadays they are getting more and more common in business communication, especially among the younger sectors and when the speakers already know each other fairly well.

  1. BTW: By The Way
  2. TBH: To Be Honest
  3. NBD: No Big Deal
  4. Def: Definitely
  5. BC: Because
  6. OMY: On My Way
  7. LMK: Let Me Know
  8. BRB: Be Right Back
  9. FYI: For Your Information
  10. IMO: In My Opinion
  11. ICYMI: In Case You Missed It
  12. AKA: Also Known As
  13. ATM: At The Moment
  14. ASAP: As Soon As Possible
  15. TYT: Take Your Time
  16. GTMTA: Great Minds Think Alike
  17. ATEOTD: At The End Of The Day
  18. AYW: As You Want/Wish
  19. IAC: In Any Case
  20. TL;DR: Too Long, Didn’t Read

More official acronyms you’ll see at work

What do I mean by ‘more official’? Well, the acronyms from the previous section were more common among friends’ texting, and they are progressively taking over the business world. However, in this section you have the acronyms that were born in the office, so to say. They are not that informal and it is OK to use them in your emails, even when you don’t know the other person that well.

  1. EOM: End Of Message
  2. EOW: End Of Week
  3. EOT: End Of Thread
  4. COB: Close Of Business (Also EOD: End Of Day)
  5. OOO: Out Of Office
  6. RSVP: Please Respond
  7. N/A: Not Applicable
  8. TBD: To Be Decided
  9. AWOL: Absent Without Leave
  10. ETA: Estimated Time Of Arrival
  11. PTO: Paid Time Off
  12. PTE: Part-Time Employee
  13. NWR: Not Work Related
  14. Re: Referring to


Download this cheatsheet, save it in your Desktop and check it out whenever you don’t know an abbreviation, use it to prep before a meeting with any of your teams or to show off in one of your Slack channels.

Business Acronyms Download pdf list Talaera

Who are these people and what are these departments?

It is easy to get lost if you are new in the office and you don’t know how things work yet. Get to know your people and your departments.

  1. CEO: Chief Executive Officer
  2. CFO: Chief Financial Officer
  3. COO: Chief Operating Officer
  4. CTO: Chief Technology Officer
  5. VP: Vice President
  6. HR: Human Resources
  7. HRM: Human Resources Manager
  8. QC: Quality Control
  9. R&D: Research & Development
  10. BD: Business Development
  11. CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility
  12. PR: Public Relations 
  13. PA: Personal Assistant
  14. HQ: Headquarters

Financial acronyms

For when you talk money.

  1. ACCT: Account
  2. AP: Accounts Payable
  3. AR: Accounts Receivable
  4. BS: Balance Sheet
  5. CPU: Cost Per Unit
  6. CR: Credit
  7. DR: Debit
  8. EPS: Earnings Per Share
  9. FIFO: First In, First Out
  10. ROA: Return On Assets
  11. ROI: Return On Investment
  12. P&L: Profit and Loss

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Marketing & Sales acronyms

Use these acronyms in the world of social media, marketing and sales.

  1. B2B; Business to Business
  2. B2C: Business to Consumer
  3. BR: Bounce Rate
  4. CMS: Content Management System
  5. CTA: Call To Action
  6. CTR: Click Through Rate
  7. CR: Conversion Rate
  8. LTV: Lifetime Value
  9. CRM: Customer Relationship Management
  10. ESM: Email Service Provider
  11. KPI: Key Performance Indicator
  12. PPC: Pay Per Click
  13. PV: Page View
  14. RT: Retweet
  15. SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  16. SM: Social Media
  17. SMB: Small to Medium Business
  18. SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  19. OC: Opportunity Cost
  20. WOMM: Word Of Mouth Marketing

Technical abbreviations

No more nodding and pretending you understand. Make sure you know what your IT colleagues are talking about when they mention these.

  1. API: Application Program Interface
  2. CSS: Cascading Style Sheet
  3. FTP: File Transport Protocol
  4. HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol
  5. HTTPS: HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
  6. IM: Instant Messaging
  7. IP: Internet Protocol
  8. ISP: Internet Service Provider
  9. OS: Operating System
  10. LAN: Local Area Network
  11. DNS: Domain Name System
  12. XML: Extensible Markup Language
  13. UI: User Interface
  14. UX: User Interface
  15. IT: Information Technology
  16. ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  17. ISO: International Standards Organization
  18. VPN: Virtual Private Network
  19. RSS: Rich Site Summary
  20. AI: Artificial Intelligence


Save this list and check it out any time you need it. Would you like to practice these with a native-English teacher? Get in touch with us and we'll tell more you more about the Talaera online business English training.

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