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How Many Business Idioms Do You Know? Take The Test

Idioms are fun. Thye're like little puzzles where it is sometimes impossible to guess the meaning only by its words. Knowing all the words in an idiom does not guarantee that you will know the meaning of that expression. If you hear the expression "the ball is in your court", you will find neither a ball nor a court anywhere. These expressions are also special because they have a fixed order –you can't really change anything in them. A native speaker may not understand what you mean if you say "the ball is in your field", for example. 

Do you consider yourself a master of business English idioms? Test your knowledge with the quiz below.

Business Idioms Quiz - Test Your Knowledge

How did you do? Make sure you use these English idioms in your everyday workplace. Challenge your friends and share it with us on Facebook by tagging Talaera.

Business Idioms - Quiz Solutions

1. The ball is in your court = It's your turn to make a decision

2. We are on the same page = We understand each other and agree

3. Let's call it a day = Let's finish for today

4. It's a long shot = It's probably not going to work

5. They're always cutting corners = They're always skipping small but important steps

6. Can we just cut to the chase? = Can we get to the point and not waste any time?

7. Let's get the ball rolling = Let's get started

8. Everyone's on the ball today = Everyone is being efficient today

9. We'll have to do it on a shoestring = We'll have to do it with very little money

10. She always goes the extra mile = She always gives more effor than what it's expected of her

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[Note: This article was originally posted on Aug 12, 2019. It's been updated to make it more relevant for you.]