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Revolutionizing Business English Learning, One Word at a Time

In the world of international business, effective communication can mean the success –or failure– of professionals and organizations. A strong mastery of business English is essential for international collaboration and growth. However, one of the biggest challenges in learning a new language is building and retaining a rich vocabulary. It can be difficult to not only learn new words but also understand their meaning and usage in different contexts.

The struggle to learn, understand, and retain new words, not to mention applying them in the right context, is all too real. We heard you. We built something for you. To address this challenge and make your team's learning journey smoother, we are excited to announce the latest game-changer in our business English self-paced platform: our new Personal Dictionary. 


It's like having your very own vocabulary sidekick, ready to help you translate and define words at the drop of a hat. It has been designed to help business English learners easily translate and define words directly on the platform, save them for future review, and even generate sample sentences using the power of AI. In this way, our Personal Dictionary allows you and your global teams to expand your vocabulary, remember new words, and see them in context—all tailored to the user's role and industry. Read on to learn more about how this new tool can revolutionize your business English learning experience.

What is the Talaera Personal Dictionary?

Our Personal Dictionary is a cutting-edge feature designed to serve as your trusty companion in your team's business English learning journey. It's here to simplify and streamline the process of expanding their vocabulary, allowing them to concentrate on enhancing their communication skills and mastering the language.

Translation and Definition of Words

Gone are the days of juggling multiple apps or resources just to find out what a word means. Simply select or click on the word you're curious about, and voilà! You'll instantly see its translation and definition, right there on the platform. It is a fast and efficient way to obtain the information that each learner needs without any interruptions.

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Saving Words for Later Review

You come across a new word. You look it up. And then you forget it forever. It's happened to all of us language learners. The new Personal Dictionary enables learners to save words to review later. Adding new words to the Personal Dictionary is as easy as selecting any word on the Talaera platform and clicking on "Save". Or looking up a word and clicking the save icon. Once the new words are added, they're ready for a quick refresher whenever the learner needs it.

Generating Sample Sentences with AI

When it comes to mastering new words, context is the secret ingredient that turns confusion and oblivion into understanding and mastery. Our Personal Dictionary doesn't just give you the definition of a word —it also generates sample sentences using AI. These sentences are tailored to the user's role and industry, giving them a crystal-clear understanding of how the word is used in real-life situations. It's like having a personalized tutor who knows exactly what examples will resonate with you. And because this technology is constantly evolving, users always have fresh, relevant examples at their fingertips.

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Benefits of the Talaera Personal Dictionary

A. Expanding Vocabulary

The Personal Dictionary serves as a handy tool for expanding vocabulary. By offering instant translations, definitions, and sentence examples,  it empowers users to continuously broaden their vocabulary, ensuring that they learn the right word in the right context. With this new tool, your team members will soon find themselves confidently navigating the world of business English, impressing colleagues and clients alike with their communication skills.

B. Better Retention of New Words

Learning new words is one thing, but making them stick is another story. The Personal Dictionary is here to help learners tackle this challenge head-on. By saving words for later review, users create a customized list that serves as a valuable resource for reinforcing their learning. Regularly revisiting these words strengthens learners' memory and makes new vocabulary an integral part of their communication toolkit.

C. Tailored Learning Experience

No two learners are the same, and our Personal Dictionary is aware of that. It generates sample sentences that are relevant to the learner's role and industry, ensuring that the examples provided are relevant and meaningful to their unique professional needs. Whether they're a marketing whiz or a finance expert, learners receive tailored examples that illustrate how words are used in their specific field, making their learning experience both engaging and efficient. This allows learners to see how new words are used in real-life situations that matter to them.

Impact on Learning Outcomes and Career Growth

Impact on Learning Outcomes and Career Growth

The positive impact of the Talaera business English platform goes beyond the immediate learning experience; it also translates into tangible career growth for many users. By enabling them to expand their vocabulary, better retain new words, and apply those words in the appropriate context, our users have gained the confidence and skills necessary to excel in their professional lives.

One user, a project manager who had recently transitioned to an international role, shared how the Talaera not only helped them adapt to the new position but also gave them the confidence to lead meetings and presentations in English. Another user, a financial analyst, attributed a big part of their promotion to their improved business English skills.

These success stories and testimonials highlight the transformative potential of the Talaera business English learning ecosystem in enhancing learning outcomes and contributing to career growth. By leveraging this powerful tool, users can unlock their full potential and advance their professional journey with confidence.

Join the Learning Revolution

Experience the power of the Personal Dictionary and discover its potential to revolutionize your business English learning journey. Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to sharpen your language skills or a Learning and Development manager looking to help your teams, the Talaera self-paced programs can make a meaningful impact on your communication goals. 

As we continue to grow and innovate, our commitment to providing the best possible learning experience for our users remains at the forefront of our mission. We are constantly working to enhance and expand our self-paced learning platform, incorporating user feedback and integrating cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our tools remain relevant and effective.

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