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Product Update June 2019

We made it happen! :-) We now have self-paced learning options to keep improving our learners’ English outside of our Talaera 1:1 sessions!!

A few weeks ago, we announced the integration of Cambridge University Press English books on our platform, where students could access highly valuable content from our library. Great news - we have made them even more fun and effective! From the Talaera platform, learners will have a great variety of exercises that will make their learning more engaging and interactive.

How does it work?

Super easy! When a teacher selects an exercise for their student, these 'Assigned Exercises' will appear on the student's platform, right at the top.



The best part is - students don't have to wait for their teacher to assign any exercises. They can browse all these activities in our Library anytime and practice whenever they like.


What are the exercises like?

There are many different types of activities - listening, developing ideas, filling the gaps, creating a script for a presentation, elaborating a mind map for a briefing... They are based on a great number of topics, and they often include audio files, cool quotes, and links to further explanations.


Have you tried this new feature yet?

If you are not part Talaera yet, what are you waiting for? Whether you are interested in finding a plan for your organization or just learning yourself, we’ll find a program that best fits your goals.

You can always email us at or, even quicker, book a demo and we’ll tell you all about it!

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