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12 Relatable Tweets That Sum Up How We Feel About Professional Emails

Emails are still one of our most common means of communication at work, even with the rising popularity of Slack and other communication channels. And although it is our bread and butter, email culture moves in mysterious ways. Email phrases like "just to clarify" or "per my last email" are seemingly polite phrases, and yet most of us would rather not receive an email containing them.

Here are 12 relatable tweets that express how many of us feel about professional emails.

1. I hope this email finds you well

2. Sorry for being sorry

3. I'll let you take it from here

4. Per my last email

5. Per my last email - Part 2

6. Just to clarify...

7. As previously discussed

8. I'm balancing a lot this week

9. When you include so much gibberish it becomes unreadable

10. Exclamation points

Wait! You don't have to end every sentence with an exclamation point?! 

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11. Inspirational quotes in signatures - love it or hate it

12. Checking work emails after a week off


Write professional emails across cultures

Even if some business emails make us go up the wall, they're still a fundamental part of our work life, and mastering them is an invaluable tool for professional growth.

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