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10 Helpful Decision Making Phrases [Podcast]

Learn 10 useful phrases to talk about decision making at work in 6 minutes. You can read the transcription below and download the PDF with explanations and examples.

Decision Making Phrases

Download all the decision-making phrases here

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Talaera Talks - Transcript Episode 6

Welcome to Talaera Talks, the business English communication podcast for non-native professionals. My name is Paola and I am co-hosting this show with Simon. In this podcast, we're going to be covering communication advice and tips to help express yourself with confidence in English in professional settings. So we hope you enjoy the show!

Hello there, my name is Paola and I'm back with a new Talaera Bit for you. Today I'd like to discuss 10 expressions to use at work to talk about decision making. I'd like to start with a little game. And I'll read a fragment and would love for you to count how many decision-making expressions you can hear. Ready? Here we go.

My manager offered me to relocate to New York. At first, it sounded like a no-brainer. But I just didn't want to make a snap decision. Of course, there were many factors to take into consideration. So I told her I would need to sleep on it. You know, I almost said yes. But before I made up my mind, I gave it some thought. I was in two minds for a long time. On the one hand, New York was my dream city. But on the other hand, it is very expensive to live there. I knew I had to make up my mind by the end of the month, and I was really on the fence. Eventually, I changed my mind and decided to stay in my country. I'm not sure if it was the right decision. But I prefer to stay with my family than to move and then have second thoughts.

That's the end of the fragment. How many did you spot? Alright, let's start with the 10 expressions we use at work to talk about decision-making. Expression number one - GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT. To give it some thought means to think carefully about something. For example, 'This is a big decision, so let me give it some thought and I will call you,' or 'Have you given any thought to my proposal?' So to give it some thought to think carefully about something.

Number two - TAKE INTO ACCOUNT. To take into account is to pay attention to something or to include it in your plan or in your decision. For example, 'His plan did not take into account a cost-benefit analysis.' Or 'We must take into account the psychological impact.' Another example is 'What are some of the important factors we need to take into account?' So to take into account, as we said, is to pay attention to something or included in your decisio

A NO-BRAINER is number three Did you hear this one in the in the fragment? I said, 'At first, it sounded like a no-brainer but...' A no-brainer is a very easy or obvious decision, or choice or solution. It's so easy, or so obvious, that it requires no brain. For example, 'His proposal to cover all the project expenses as an act of charity was a no-brainer.' Or 'If the newer version performs as well for half the cost, the decision is a no-brainer.'

Number four, SLEEP ON IT. To sleep on something is to delay making a decision until the following day. 'Let me sleep on it and give you an answer tomorrow.' Or 'Even if it sounds like a no-brainer, I think we should sleep on it before accepting the offer.'

Number five is to MAKE A SNAP DECISION. A snap decision is a decision made too quickly without careful consideration. So 'If an issue is urgent, you need to make a snap decision, but generally I prefer to sleep on it.' 'I just don't want to make a snap decision.'

Number six, TO BE IN TWO MINDS. To be in two minds is to be unable to decide between alternatives. It's when you consider two options equally. 'It's hard to say I'm in two minds.' 'I'm in two minds about whether to accept their proposal or not.' To be in two minds is actually very similar to TO BE ON THE FENCE, when you're undecided between two options. For example, 'They've been discussing this issue for years and they're still on the fence. They still Don't know what to do.'

Number eight, MAKE UP MY MIND. To make a final decision. 'I've made up my mind and I think we should move on with this project', 'We need to make up our mind' means we need to make a final decision. Sometimes even if you make up your mind, you end up changing your mind.

This one's number nine, TO CHANGE YOUR MIND is to change your original opinion. 'He changed his mind and decided to go for the cheapest option.' Or 'If you change your mind, we're here for you.'

And even when you're super positive about something, sometimes when you commit to it, you start having doubts about something you're not so sure anymore. Do you know how you say this in English? Number 10 is the solution - TO HAVE SECOND THOUGHTS. For example, 'It seemed like a great idea, but now I'm having second thoughts.' Or, this is actually true for me - 'I moved to Berlin in the summer, and I loved the city. But as the winter got colder and colder, I started to have second thoughts.' I still love Berlin, by the way.

So here are the 10 expressions around decision making I wanted to share with you. Do you know any others? All right. Talk to you soon!

And that's all we have for you today. We hope you enjoyed it, and remember to subscribe to Talaera Talks. We'll be back soon with more! And visit our website at for more valuable content on business English. You can also request a free consultation on the best ways for you and your team to improve your communication skills. So have a great day and keep learning!

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