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Training Remote Employees: Business English Communication

Remote employee training and remote perks are incredibly hot topics at the moment, since many organizations around the world have been forced to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis with little or no preparation. A big part of the global workforce is still working from home and employers are looking for new ways to quickly and efficiently implement their employee training online.

Keeping employees happy and contributing to their development while working remotely can pose a number of hurdles, including technical challenges, distractions, and lack of supervision/guidance. If you are looking for ways to help your non-native English employees grow in a global workplace and develop their Business English communication skills, Talaera might be your best choice. Big multinational companies are already offering our training to their employees and experiencing high engagement and effectiveness.

Considering online communication training? Learn more about this perk your team can enjoy from anywhere and contribute to their personal and professional development:

Talaera safe perk     Safe perk. Keep your employees happy with something they can enjoy WFH.

Full flexibility     Full flexibility. We design a course just for your employees, anytime, in all time zones.

Talaera no interruptions     No interruptions. Avoid training breaks and traffic jams by learning from anywhere.

Centralized management      Centralized management. See progress and take care of your global team all in one place.


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Help your employees take their professional English communication skills to the next level with any of the following modalities:

    Talaera Business English Individual Sessions vTalaera Business English Training Group Courses a-1Talaera Business English Company Webinars v-1

Remote. Flexible. Effective.

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